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The UK’s largest dedicated

Graduate Recruitment event

Welcome to Gradfest, the UK’s largest dedicated Graduate Recruitment event, taking place at the fantastic ExCeL London on 2-3 October 2024.

Gradfest is open to anyone in their final year of study or to anyone who has graduated in the past two years. We welcome graduates from all over the UK as well as overseas who have graduated in any subject area.

We have over 80 employers and post graduate institutions taking part in our 2024 Gradfest, so, if you’re looking for a diverse and interesting graduate recruitment event, get yourself registered now!

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Gradfest Graduate Recruitment Event – Why Visit?

We know what you’re thinking – with great online resources for finding a graduate career, why do you need to attend a graduate recruitment event?

There are several reasons why attending face-to-face can be a huge benefit to your career now and in the long run!

Save Time – By meeting with multiple organisations that are looking for graduates in one place, you can save time by trawling the internet and looking for opportunities. All of the organisations visiting will have graduate vacancies to fill.

Grow Your Connections—You may be surprised to find out what knowing the right people can do for your career. Attending a graduate recruitment fair like Gradfest can put you on the map with some of the industry’s biggest brands. Even if you do not end up working for them this time, just meeting the key players can grow your connections and help your career in the future.

Find New Opportunities—If you’re not sure what career options you have or what you want to do, a graduate recruitment event is the best place to find out. There will be brand new career opportunities at your fingertips.

Become Memorable – A face and a conversation are far more memorable than a CV or written application. Become more memorable in the eyes of your prospective employer by attending Gradfest and speaking to companies you want to work with. This works both ways – the employer gets a better idea of you, but you also get a better idea of them and how they work.

Attend as a Group or Individually—We have two different registration options: group registration and individual registration. If you feel more comfortable attending in a group, you may wish to speak to your university and find out if they want to organise a group registration. Contact us for more information and options about this.

Overall, we know that an event like this can seem daunting – especially if you are used to online events – as many of us are! But we would really encourage you to come along. You will not get this experience anywhere else!

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Gradfest Graduate Recruitment Event – Why Exhibit?

If your organisation is recruiting graduates, this is the perfect graduate recruitment event for you to attend.

Gradfest is located at the Excel in London, the perfect venue for both attendees and exhibitors. It is easy to get to, has plenty of space, and is right in the heart of the country.

Speak with thousands of graduates ready to take on new challenges and build their careers.

By meeting with individuals face-to-face, you can find out more about them on a personal level, which can help you decide if they are the right fit for your organisation. You can’t get this insight from a CV alone.

We already have a fantastic line-up of exhibitors. If you would like to join, contact us today to discuss the opportunities available.

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Gradfest 2024

If you would like to know more about Gradfest as a visitor or an exhibitor, then contact our team today. We are looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about our exciting Graduate Recruitment event.

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